Monday, September 26, 2011

Chocolate Apple Chili

My chili is not from Spain. My chili is not made with meat. My chili does not contain an actual chili pepper or meat, but i assure you, my chili is chili. I begin with Gimme Lean Sausage, browned, and add my super secret spice mixture that makes my chili so addictive (William's Original). I saute an onion, bell peppers of various colors, and an apple. I prefer a Braeburn, but Gala will do fine. All the while, I add a bunch of beans, fire roasted tomatoes, Chili Fixens Rotel, brown sugar and additional spices to taste. I usually add about a table spoon of cocoa powder to the pot, but I only had a bit of a dark chocolate bar in the fridge, so i chopped it up and chucked it in.

The chili was great at first bowl, but the next day, when the flavors deepened and the spices matured, it was like a kung fu kick of awesome in the mouth. Enjoy the pics, but if you have the means to attempt a recreation of my delicious Chocolate Apple Chili, then i dare you. I double dog dare you.

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  1. Either you give me this recipe OR make this next time I visit. Your choice. But fail to choose one and I know a guy who'll chop off your right pinky.