Sunday, October 2, 2011

Tasty Date

Sher and I love to cook, and eat, but sometimes we just have to forego the whole cooking endeavor and just eat. DATE NIGHT! We rarely plan the outing, but we both feel the urge at the same time. It could be a hard day at work, or worthless day at work, a beautiful night outside, or perhaps I just made a little extra bread by selling a painting or working on a side project, but what ever the tipping point is, the urge to go eat at a restaurant will not be satiated by any other means than by sitting down and having people serve us for a change. Unfortunately, there are not many dining establishments that offer vegan cuisine as there are that offer, let's say, ribs. Once a favorite, fleshy feast, the idea of stripping meat from the bone with my teeth is now abhorrent to me.  ROAR!!!

Here is a list of vegan friendly restaurants at which Sher and I love to dine:

The Root Cafe
Cafe Bossa Nova
Lilly's Dim Sum
4 Square Deli
Boulevard Bread Co.
The House Gastropub

The last date we enjoyed was at The House. A laid back environment, fun art work, and a few delicious vegan options all wrapped up in the comfort of home make The House one of our favorite places to eat, drink and hang out with friends.  James, a waiter and friend, has been very helpful in our quest for vegan cuisine by informing us of every option they have; such as, ordering ciabatta bread with the vegan burger instead of the bun. We never leave without licking our plates clean.

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